Privacy Policy

The data we collect and store

Due to the nature of the site we collect sensitive and personal data directly from user input. This includes all data entered into a timeline. We collect this data only to the extent necessary to provide services solely related to

We also collect web analytics data. This includes such information like number of clicks, pages visited, browser type, language, referring pages and other data. uses cookies track user sessions.

What we do with the data

Timeline data is stored in a secure database. The timeline owner will always be able to see the events in the timeline they've created. The timeline owner may also set permissions for a timeline to be viewed publicly. developers may view timeline data to troubleshoot an issue, test new features, or build enhancements for users. does not sell timeline data to any entity, person, or business.

About your data

Data that you add to your timeline may be visible to others depending on the viewable settings on the timeline. We recommend that if your timeline has any personal details that you set the timeline settings to not be viewable by others. Other people cannot see your timeline if you don't want them to.

Third Party Providers uses the following service providers to store data, configurations, or enhance the user experience: Google, Heroku, MLab, and Chargebee.