About Kronology.com

Our Mission:

To provide a secure, reliable, and easy to use timeline making tool.

What is Kronology.com?

Kronology.com is an online tool and service that can be used to create timelines. These timelines are targetting towards saving the memories of a person's life. We believe to be the best at creating these timelines we will need to have a tool that is easy to use. We have put and continue to put a good deal of effort into making the user experience effortless and pain free. We want to make the controls of this tool natural to the user and give a gentle push in the right direction when help is needed. We believe that if the tool is complicated or hard to use or learn then it misses the point.

Furthermore we want to make sure this tool is secure. Since we are storing sensitive data to users we take every effort in securing that data and backing it up. We want to emphasize on privacy at Kronology.com. We also strive to be reliable that the data stored will be retrieved by the user upon request. We do this by making sure that data is backed up often and in multiple locations. We keep a close watch on the backup process to make sure it is completing as expected.

Why was Kronology.com created?

The creators of Kronology.com cherish the memories of their lives and wanted a way to store the story of their life in a beautiful way. We wanted to depict the days of our lives through events and periods of time. No other timeline software at the time had an easy to use interface that was secure and depicted durations of time. The creators of Kronology.com use this site to solve a problem they had - forgetting what they've done in their lives. By creating timelines of themselves they can easily look back upon their lives or the lives of loved ones to remember certain times of their lives.


We want to hear from you! We are continuously developing new features all the time. If you'd like to leave us some feedback, ask us a question, submit a bug, or just feel like saying "hi", you can contact us through the email address below.